Claude sitting with Fritz






Voiced By

Joanne Vannicola

Claude is a character featured in Timothy Goes To School


Physical Appearance

Claude resembles Timothy as a raccoon. However he isn't related to him. He has light brown fur with darker brown feet, hands, eye markings, and a single tail stripe. His nose is dark brown while his inner-ear is soft pink. He has dark blue eyes.


Claude is extremely talented and wise, however this has also made him a bit of a braggart who has no problem showing that he is the best or showing off. He relishes in being complimented or winning - and is normally kind; except for when it comes to Timothy at first. He is normally seen with Grace due to their similar personalities, and prefers to work alone when it comes to most things. 

However, over the course of the series he grows friendly with the others and is more friendly and willing to spend time with the others. He can be blunt some of the time.

He enjoys sports and reading.


Normally Claude wears a red and cardinal top with a button collar and pocket on the side.



Due to similar personalities, such as being talented but focused on winning everything and being the best, they have a very close friendship like that of Timothy and Yoko.


  • Although Claude officially befriends Timothy later in the cartoon series, he has never befriended Timothy in the book series and continued to dislike him.
  • Besides the Franks, Claude is the only student not to appear to have a mother.


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