Voiced By

Tracy Ryan

Doris is a character featured in Timothy Goes To School.


Physical Appearance

Doris is a brown beaver who towers over the rest of the students. She has a dark brown nose and buck teeth, along with a dark brown tail. She has small black eyes with a yellow tint to the whites. Her inner ear is pale pink.


Doris is both a tomboy and girly-girl. She loves to play sports and is somewhat boisterous, possibly due to being raised beneath three brothers, but she also enjoys ballet and art. She can be stern or come off as mean at times by teasing others or pointing out their faults without meaning to. She is genuinely kind though, and like Charles, actually feels small in comparison to her family and dislikes it.


Doris wears a bright pink dress with a pale yellow collar and button, along with a dark magenta band around the middle. She wears a bright pink hair bow.



  • Doris has an uncle named Norris. She wishes to become a traffic cop like he is.
  • Doris debuted before the Yoko and Friends  series. Her first appearance was in the book, Hazel's Amazing Mother, where she was seen as a bully who ruined Hazel's doll. She became nicer in the same book, after apologizing to Hazel and trying to fix the doll.
  • Based on her reaction from an episode, she may not like cottage cheese.
  • She loves Squeeze Cheese.
  • Out of all the dance class characters, as shown in "Two Tutu Friends," Doris is the only one to be barefoot in her tutu.


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