There is a total of 2 Seasons and a total of 26 episodes split into 2-episode formats for a total of 52 eleven-minute episodes. 

Episodes List

Name Summary # Airdate
Timothy Goes to School Excited, Timothy goes to school for the first time. But when he starts trying to gain approval from a classmate, he learns that the only opinion that matters is his own. 1 September 30, 2000
Yoko Yoko starts to feel left out as the others mock her Asian heritage. In hopes of solving this, Mrs. Jenkins suggests a multi-cultural event for everyone to partake in. 2 September 30, 2000
On The Fritz Fritz happens to be very messy. As he is unaware of himself being the cause, the blame is put onto the "Mess Fairy". The Franks decides to use this to their advantage in order to spread messes through the classroom. 3 October 6, 2000
The Great Obstacle Course The Children enjoy a day outside, but Claude and Grace are set on winning every event instead of just having fun. 4 October 6, 2000
Shy Charles Timothy learns that there is more to Charles than what everyone thinks after he gets to bond with him.  5 October 7, 2000
Small Change Nora struggles to accept the changes going on throughout the day. But over time she starts to see that change can be a good thing. 6 October 7, 2000
Don't Lose It Lily Charles tries to help Lily remember things during school. 7 October 13, 2000
Frankless Frank After Frank #1 gets a fever and has to miss school, Frank #2 tries to deal with being on his own.  8 October 13, 2000
Paint by Numbers As the class learns about Art, Doris feels left out when nobody understands or seems to like how she paints. 9 October 14, 2000
The Sleepover Timothy worries that the Franks will make fun of his stuffed penguin when they come to spend the night. So he tries to prove that he doesn't need it. 10 October 14, 2000
The Music Tree Yoko worries that she will mess up during an event after gaining a case of stage fright. Will the others be able to encourage her to show everyone her talented violin playing? 11 October 20, 2000
Team Project Timothy chooses Claude as his partner for a project thinking it will be more fun, but Claude refuses to let him do any work. 12 October 20, 2000
Cherry Blossom Yoko grows a Cherry Blossom Tree but has to learn to be patient since it will take a long time.  13 October 21, 2000
Talent Show Out of all the students, Grace is the most excited for the Talent Show. But she is devastated after she gets hurt and can no longer participate.  14 October 21, 2000
Scary Monsters Nora is extremely frightened by dinosaurs so the class try to help her get over it by showing her that not all of them are scary. 15 October 27, 2000
Lifesaver Lily Lily is depressed to learn that nobody trusts her due to being so forgetful. But after an incident she is forced to take matters into her own hands. 16 October 27, 2000
Red Thunder The children enjoy Bike Safety Day at school. But after Timothy sees Doris' older brothers acting carelessly he tries to follow their example when playing with the Franks.  17 October 28, 2000
Putting It All Together The Class is offered a surprise if they are able to complete a Special Puzzle in an Hour. 18 October 28, 2000
The Big Snowfall Doris is asked to help Lily for her first ever Snowfall. But Doris would rather do other things and winds up neglecting her task. 19 November 3, 2000
Forever Friends The bond between Timothy and Yoko is temporarily strained when she begins to spend her time with Grace. At first Timothy is lonely but starts bonding with Charles. 20 November 3, 2000
Taking The Plunge Claude is unable to swim, so Timothy gives him secret swim lessons to make him feel better.  21 November 4, 2000
Timothy's Way Everyone is asked to teach the rest of the class something special; but Timothy is unable to think of anything that only he can do. 22 November 4, 2000
The Treefort and the Sandcastle After the boys refuse to let the girls into their tree hourse, the girls retaliate by forming their own group. But their frustration with each other spreads elsewhere. 23 November 10, 2000
Get Well Soon Miss Appleberry substitutes for Mrs. Jenkins after an injury. To help her feel better, everyone makes a card, but Fritz decides to do a little more. 24 November 10, 2000
In the Spotlight Charles loves to collect leaves, but when it is his turn he struggles to get over his shyness. So Timothy tries to help him in time for In The Spotlight. 25 November 11, 2000
Fritz on the Move Fritz reveals he has to move away, leaving Timothy very depressed as he tries to understand the situation and deal with it. 26 November 11, 2000
Many Happy Returns Fritz informs Timothy of a surprise, but as the days go by, nothing comes. Finally, when it does show up, it isn't what Timothy expected at all. 27 September 30, 2001
You're Invited Doris tries to be extra nice and helpful to Lily after she fails to get an invitation to her Party and worries over their friendship 28 September 30, 2001
The Greatest After Timothy helps Nora he begins to feel obligated to help the rest of the children. But he soon starts to regret the appreciation when forced to make some tougher decisions. 29 October 7, 2001
Rocky Friendship Fritz and Charles both claim ownership over a rock they spotted at the very same time; so they force Timothy to settle it and decide who gets to keep it. 30 October 7, 2001
Two for Tea Yoko and her Mother plan to show everyone a Japanese Tea Cermony. But Nora isn't sure it will be good since it's different then a normal tea party. 31 October 14, 2001
Abracadabra Grace steals Fritz' magic trick but he incidentally blames Timothy. Timothy claims he is innocent and attempts to convince Grace to tell the truth. 32 October 14, 2001
The Taketombo The Franks accidentally break Yoko's special new Toy. So they work hard to try to make it up to her. 33 October 21, 2001
Having A Wonderful Time After Grace comes to Hilltop Park ultra-prepared, Lilly worries she isn't having a good time.  34 October 21, 2001
The Shutterbug Timothy is inspired to follow in his Fathers foot steps and gets into photography. But he isn't confident in his skills - until he realizes just how special his pictures really are. 35 October 28, 2001
The Friendship Stone Nora and Lilly exchange their lucky items to one-another as a sign of friendship. But after Lilly accidentally loses Nora's lucky stone, she worries their friendship may be over. 36 October 28, 2001
New Found Franks Tired of being treated as an indivisual, the Franks try to play with others instead to remind everyone how different they are. 37 November 25, 2001
When I Grow Up Yoko always dreamed of becoming a violinist; but after a while she starts to consider becoming a Teacher instead. Meanwhile, Nora is left trying to figure out what she wants to do when every idea falls short.  38 November 25, 2001
Full Of Beans The Franks practical jokes go too far and isolate them from the other children, then they turn on each other.  39 December 2, 2001
The School Play Everyone starts to treat Yoko differently after she is chosen to play the Cavity for their play and she is unable to find the role desireable.  40 December 2, 2001
Read Me a Story Nora worries her special bonding time with her mother will stop now that she is learning to read.  41 December 9, 2001
The Gift Unable to afford anything really nice, Nora worries that her gift wont be as well-received during Yoko's Birthday.  42 December 9, 2001
Measuring Up Charles dislikes knowing that he is the shortest in the class. But he learns that anyone, no matter the size can worry over their height. 43 December 16, 2001
Lost and Found Yoko's precious Netsuke dolls are stolen after she brings them to school. 44 December 16, 2001
Professor Fritz After something goes wrong, Fritz begins to wonder if he is really as smart as he thought himself to be. As the Open House approaches, Timothy tries to encourage him to keep trying.  45 December 22, 2001
Two Tutu Friends Grace grows closer to Doris during ballet class, but after Doris tells everyone about Grace's incident during it, she gets angry and they get into a fight.  46 December 22, 2001
My Family Nora loathes her baby brother, but nobody else seems to agree with her. As she angrily deals with something he messed up, she realizes she actually has a lot in common with her baby brother. 47 December 23, 2001
Just In Time Lilly begins to regret her decision of putting her favorite Doll in the Class Time Capsule.  48 December 23, 2001
Charles The Athlete The Franks try to teach Athletisicm to Charles, thinking he is sad that he doesn't do well - unaware that he actually shows no interest in it. 49 December 27, 2001
Be My Valentine Lilly, Yoko, Charles, and Timothy decide to make Valentine Cards for each other. But they get confused by the Card given to them, since they do not fit theim very well. 50 December 27, 2001
Mama Don't Go A new student arrives to class, but she is very dependant on her Mother and fears being without her. So Yoko tries to bond with her in hopes of helping her become more independant. 51 December 28, 2001
Making New Friends Timothy tries to help Juanita make friends as she struggles to fit in with the other students.  52 December 28, 2001

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