Frankless Frank

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October 13, 2000

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Frankless Frank is the eighth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


After Frank 1 gets sick and is unable to go to school, Frank 2 tries to get through the day without him.


One day during recess, the boys are playing football. Timothy, Charles, and Fritz are unable to compete with the sporty Franks, but after they manage to score a point, Frank 1 complains that he suddenly feels itchy. It passes as Mrs. Jenkins calls recess is over- but after they get inside she notices he isn't feeling well and notes that he has a fever. She takes him off to the nurse, leaving the Franks to look at each other out of concern. 

The following day, everyone learn that Frank 1 has to stay at home. They observe him for a moment before the bus takes off and heads to school. There, he informs Mrs. Jenkins of what happened and noticing how sad he is, she assures him that things will be okay and they head inside.

Throughout the day, Frank 2 struggles getting used to not having Frank 1 with him. As Recess comes along, Timothy is concerned over Frank 2, but Fritz points out he really didn't know what else to do without Frank 1, so they play football and manage to do really well. But after they score, they realize Frank 2 is having a lot of trouble and must really miss his brother.

Once the school day ends, Frank 2 happily returns home and is excited to see Frank 1; but to his depression he learns that Frank 1 not only got to play games and hang out with their dad, but he also got to just relax, and eat ice cream. Frank 1 didn't seem to miss him at all.

The next day, the Frank's father, Frank, comes into the room and opens the curtains. He isn't surprised to see how sick Frank is still and informs the brothers that he is too ill to go to school that day either. Frank 2 asks if he is sick, but to his disappointment he isn't. He asks to stay home though, because he wants to be with Frank, and enjoy time with their dad, and play games. His father convinces him to go to school anyway, saying that if he doesn't go, there wouldn't be any Franks at all.

At school the children do some art until Mrs. Jenkins tells them to partner up for some puzzle time. Frank 2 sits, not sure of what to do and when Timothy spots him, he offers to be his partner. Frank 2 is a bit anxious at first, as he's never been with anyone else before, but Timothy tells him to at least try it out and see how it is. He agrees and to his surprise, him and Timothy actually finish a puzzle.

Then they go on to have lunch, and Frank 2 is happy to see that he doesn't need to share his food with Frank 1 for once. With Timothy assuring him that he wouldn't want any of it himself after he first worries he does.

Outside, Frank 2 finds himself a bit lonely again until Timothy offers to play Football with him, against Fritz and Charles. Frank 2 agrees with this and they begin to play, with him and Timothy doing really well. But just as he grabs a high thrown ball- Frank 1 suddenly shows up to catch it at the same time. Frank 2 is surprised to see his brother and questions why he's there, with Frank 1 explaining that he wanted to come back to school because he missed his brother and was feeling better. 

However, once they head back inside from Recess, Frank 2 suddenly doesn't feel very well. This alarms everyone and Mrs. Jenkins leads him to the Nurses Office, with the thought of being alone finally dons on Frank 1.


"Oh yeah, there is no you..." - both Franks at separate points in the episode.


Timothy: Here we go again!



  • During the first day of the episode, Claude was not shown to be at school. 
  • On Qubo, the following scenes were edited out or shortened:
    • The next day when Frank 2 is picked up, Timothy and the others on the bus are shown chatting for a moment. Qubo skips to Timothy asking where Frank 1 is.
    • In class, Doris answers a question, as does Frank 2, but he begins to miss Frank and gets sad.


  • Mrs. Jenkins tells each partner set to pick a pile of puzzle parts, but there was only one pile of puzzles at each desk.
  • When Mrs. Jenkins congratulates Frank and Timothy for finishing the puzzle, Doris and Fritz's puzzle looks like it's made out of bigger pieces. But earlier their pile had the same amount and size of pieces.