Voiced By

Linda Kash

Grace is one of the children in Timothy Goes to School.*Melanie


Physical Appearance

Grace is an orange cat with yellow eyes. Her inner-ear is light pink, while her legs, paws, and the tip of her tail are a dark orange color.


Like her name, Grace is a fancy and graceful girl who enjoys feminine activities- like dance and ballet. She likes playing with the other children, as long as it doesn't involve making a mess, and she attempts to come off as mature and calm. She can be a bit of a snob at times and is highly competitive due to her talent and skill. But she is also kind unless frustrated or bothered by someone.

Despite her arrogance, Grace is really sensitive and in her attempts to strive for perfection, she doesn't take mistakes lightly. She can easily start to cry when embarrassed.


Usually Grace wears a plain light plum dress with fandiego collar flaps. She is often depicted in a pink ballerina outfit.



Due to their similiar personalities and talents, Grace and Claude are best friends and the equivilant of Timothy and Yoko. They can both be arrogant and snobby at times, but genuinely warm up over the course of the series.


  • In the original "Timothy Goes to School" book, there was a rabbit named Grace. They share a lot in common, including a friendship with Claude. It is unknown if they were meant to be the same character though.
  • She doesn't like almonds.


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