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October 6, 2000

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"On The Fritz" is the third episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Fritz is a very inventive skunk who can't resist studying any little thing that interests him; unknowingly, he also makes a lot of mess. With blame falling on "The Mess Fairy", the Franks take advantage of this to cause havoc around the classroom.


One morning, among the mess of his room, Fritz happens to come across some pages detailing how one can make their own volcano. With time to spare, he runs to the kitchen and grabs the needed items; such as lemons, hot sauce, and baking powder. In the process, he accidentally knocks down some items but pays it no mind.

Back in his bedroom, he quickly begins to work constructing the volcano. He shapes it and places everything inside - but to his confusion nothing happens. It's then his alarm clock goes off, signaling that it is time for him to get up. His mom comes by to make sure he gets up, but spotting the mess in his bedroom she comments on it and asks that he takes a few minutes to tidy up. He agrees and changes clothing before cramming everything beneath his bed and heads to the kitchen to eat.

While he pokes the raisins out of his bread, Fritz starts to observe the hole in it while his mom discusses "the mess fairy", mentioning how the refrigerator door was left open, and how things got knocked down. She resumes making his lunch while Fritz replies with amusement, not thinking much of it. He then eyes the nearby container and tosses the substance into the milk to see what happens as his mom questions him - asking if he remembers their prior discussions. He claims that he did, but upon hearing the bus he gets up and grabs his lunch before rushing outside. While heading down the path, he stops upon spotting a shiny red rock on the ground. He picks it up and greets Timothy, unaware of the garbage cans he knocked down in the process, and steps onto the bus as his mom watches it leave.

While on the bus, Fritz shows Timothy the neat rock he found, commenting that he believes it came from Outer Space. Timothy tells him to let Mrs. Jenkins know before showing Fritz what he decided to bring for In The Spotlight; a box of various sea items he has collected from the beach. He plans on showing it to everyone, but asks that Fritz keep it a secret until then, so that he can surprise everybody else. Fritz agrees to this and soon they arrive.

At school, Mrs. Jenkins greets everyone and they sit down and she asks them to tell her about some stuff that may have happened with them since the previous day. Seeing that Doris is very excited, she asks her to tell them, causing her to reveal that her brother got a nosebleed. Fritz then shares with everyone the shiny red rock he found, which impresses them all greatly. Mrs. Jenkins allows him to look through the books to determine what kind of stone it is, but in the process Fritz accidentally spills many of the books onto the floor. Mrs. Jenkins brings up the Mess Fairy again, and mentions that his mother has brought mention of it to her before.

As this is going on, Timothy and Yoko can't help but overhear while they put together a puzzle. Timothy and Yoko have never heard of the Mess Fairy before, and they are joined by the Franks; who happened to hear Timothy bring it up. Timothy suggests that the Franks ask Fritz about the Mess Fairy, and as they go to leave they accidentally bump into the table, causing a few puzzle pieces to fall to the floor. They blame the Mess Fairy and take off.

Mrs. Jenkins decides that it is now time for Music Class to begin. She introduces everyone to Miss Appleberry, and mentions that as a Student Teacher, she has put her in charge of Music Class for the day. Everyone starts to play their instruments but soon to become out of tune with Miss Appleberry, who tries to get them to play properly. During this, the Franks ask Fritz about the Mess Fairy, but he claims to not really know anything. It's then he gets an idea and approaches the nearby heating device. He shows the Franks something and they repeat it with their own instruments, but as he walks off he accidental knocks down some papers; which the Franks are unaware of and assume it to have been the work of the Mess Fairy. Eager with this idea that they can get away with some mischievous things, Frank knocks down the other stack of music papers.

While the class is reaching it's end, Mrs. Jenkins is pouring grape juice for everyone. When she runs out of juice for the last glass, she heads into the nearby room to get more. Fritz happens to wander into the room then, tapping whatever other items that sound interesting to him and he spots the row of glasses. He begins to tap each glass and after realizing how different the last glass sounds from the one before it, he starts to swap the juices between each glass to give them different lengths.

By the time she grabs the juice, Mrs. Jenkins hears the sound coming from the room. She turns and heads back in, and to her shock she sees the grape juice spilling all over the place. She is impressed with the sounds and how he made an instrument, but seeing all the mess, she asks him to come and help her clean it up. Afterwards they move onto Art Class and do some painting. The others watch as Fritz messily paints, covering his hands into the pant and using them to smear it onto the large canvas before him, much to some confusion.

Distracted by his items, Timothy sets them aside with Mrs. Jenkins observing. She compliments how nice the collection looks and offers to let him get cleaned up so that they can prepare for In The Spotlight. He agrees and leaves the room, and with Mrs. Jenkins not nearby, the Franks begin to throw their paint onto their canvas. In the process, their paint also splatters onto the Nora's canvas and falls to the floor. Mrs. Jenkins is quick to stop them however, but as Fritz witnessed this, he decides to try throwing his paint too - but accidentally gets it all over Timothy's collection, just as Timothy returns to see this. 

Right away Fritz is apologetic and approaches, along with Mrs. Jenkins and the Franks. They comment that the Mess Fairy did it, but Fritz suddenly makes a realization by observing the paint brushes in his hands and he claims that it wasn't anyone's fault but his own. The Franks are confused, but as he realizes what he did, Fritz offers to clean off Timothy's collection for him and grabs the box, taking it to the nearby sink. As he finishes, Timothy comes by and remarks on how much cleaner everything looks, even claiming that they looked better than before. Fritz is happy that he was able to make ammends for what he did and promises not to make anymore messes before leaving the room.

After this, the camera pans out to reveal the huge mess he has indeed left - included leaving on the sink, causing water to spill out of it and to the floor.


  • Fritz: There is no Mess Fairy...


  • On Qubo, the following scenes were edited out:
    • Fritz observing the volcano picture.
    • Fritz taking out an item and knocking down a bottle of ketchup.
    • Fritz tossing candies into the volcano.
    • Cleo knocking down the garbage cans by accident, then again while tying her shoes.
    • Fritz was shown looking in the book he picked up during school.
  • This is the first episode to mention In The Spotlight.
  • Lily is not seen in this episode, she’s seen on the bus where Fritz sits with Timothy, she only appears on the bus but she’s not seen at school.
  • This is the first appearance of Miss Appleberry.
  • This episode was based on the book, Fritz and the Mess Fairy.
    • Unlike the cartoon, the Mess Fairy's appearance is shown.


  • Before Miss Appleberry is introduced, Doris' bow appears darker than its normal color.
  • Charles, Claude, and Grace are not seen during Music Class. Grace and Claude go missing for the rest of the episode, but Charles returns during Art Class.
  • As Fritz's mother notices her loose shoe lace, her left arm is completely orange.
  • All of the raisins had been picked out of the bread Fritz was eating, but when shown on the plate, the raisins are still in it.
  • The puzzle pieces and sizes aren't consistent during the scene where Timothy and Yoko discuss the mess fairy.
  • Fritz is shown painting, but he has no paint containers to get the paint from.
    • A bit later he is shown with a purple paint brush, but still no paint containers.
  • Paint was thrown all around Timothy's box of sea items. But after the camera shows the scene from behind and the Franks approach, no paint is visible.
  • During painting, Charles has green paint on his brush, but is painting on the blue section of the picture.