"Putting It All Together" is episode 18 of Timothy Goes To School.  It aired on October 28, 2000 alongside "Red Thunder".

Putting It All Together


Mrs. Jenkins decides to hold a special surprise if the class can put together the puzzle she made for them. However, to challenge them, she has made it a treasure hunt. In this time, they learn the importance of teamwork.


One late evening, Timothy is finishing his third puzzle when his mom comes in to observe. She tells him that it's time to eat, but he asks to do a little bit of his next one. His mom agrees and leaves the room while Timothy starts his puzzle.

The following day, Mrs. Jenkins announces that it is Surprise Puzzle Day. All of the children announce that they spent the evening practicing, which makes her happy. She explains the rules, saying that should the children find all of the hidden pieces of the puzzle around the entire school, and then put them together before the time runs out, they will win a special surprise. She refuses to tell them what the actual surprise is though, in order to keep the excitement. She shows them the hour glass she will be using, and explains that it has the length of an hours time inside of it. They review the rules really quick, then she turns the hour glass and sits it onto her desk.

With that the children quickly get up and begin to search. They run around the school, with Grace and Doris bickering as they search the coat room. Charles comes to look in the coat room, but asks if anyone else is looking. The girls say yes, so he just goes to look somewhere else. Grace scolds her for being so messy and starts to pick up the clothing. Nora runs outside to search the playground and is approached by Claude, who had wanted to climb the jungle gym in order to search. Nora claims that she is good enough to look instead, but he claims he is really good and shows her the seven pieces he located. Annoyed by this, Nora admits she only found two and he suggests she checks by the swings again.

Inside the classroom again, Yoko and Lily come inside to reveal that Lily found five, but then lost them, while Yoko found eight. They are joined by Claude and Nora, with Claude finding fifteen and Nora only finding those two from earlier. By now, the students are starting to grow fussy and Timothy suggests they work together, instead of bickering so much. Claude and Fritz decide to go back outside, while Lily and Yoko decide to check the dress up corner. Timothy suggests that Grace check the hallway, and the Franks decide to check around the sandbox outside. Charles and Nora then decide to go into the coat room again as Doris finds a piece inside of the piano.

The Franks dig around the sandbox and manage to find a piece each. They continue to dig, while Claude and Fritz try to think of how they can find some. Claude lays on the ground and checks under the swing, and tells Fritz to do the same after he spots one taped to it.

At the coat room, Nora picks up a bunch of shoes someone left on the floor. She manages to find a bunch of pieces by matching up shoes, and Charles is able to find a bunch beneath the carpet.

Lily and Yoko continue to search the dress up corner. They stand on top of the chest with clothes in it and find pieces beneath the hats on the shelf. Yoko collects the pieces and together, the children try to put the pieces together; now that they found all of them. As the children put together the puzzle, with not much time left, Mrs. Jenkins walks by them to get something.

The children go over their various pieces and pictures they are starting to form with their pieces but Timothy points out they are missing some pieces still. They checked the hallway, coat room, and most of the classroom however and aren't sure of where else to check. Claude and Fritz happen to spot a bunch of pieces on a butterfly-shaped picture and on the globe, but with only a few minutes remaining, they notice they are still missing a final piece. Downhearted by this, the students begin to feel hopeless until Timothy just happens to spot the puzzle piece hanging nearby. He grabs it and quickly puts it onto the puzzle, just as the time runs out. Mrs. Jenkins congratulates the children and tells them that they did very well, then she points out that it is Lunch Time and brings them outside to their surprise: a special picnic lunch, resembling the puzzle. They run over to the table and sit down and start to eat as Henry pours them drinks.




  • This had a timer. In the Timothy goes back to school version the egg timer is shown, along with a virtual timer!


  • The clouds are missing from the airplane puzzle when Timothy asks his mom to continue doing the puzzles. When shown again, the clouds are there.
  • At the start of the class scenes, Charles, Fritz, Nora, and Doris were shown at the same table. But as they observe the hour glass, Charles is shown at a desk next to Fritz, not at the same desk.
  • At one point, Yoko had a bunch of light blue pieces of puzzle as they try to put them together. But as she speaks, a few pieces are green and brown.
  • On the butterfly, there was five red puzzle pieces and three blue. After Fritz tosses them down, there is four of each color instead.