"Rocky Friendship" is the twenty-first episode of Timothy Goes to School.

Rocky Friendship

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September 7, 2001

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As Timothy helps Charles and Fritz with their individual stone hobbies- he finds himself in the middle after they both claim ownership over a rock. In order to settle things they tell him to decide what they should do with it, but Timothy struggles to come to a decision that won't hurt someone.


Outside the children are playing. Timothy and Charles work together to build a rock fort and they leave to try to find more rocks. As this is going on Fritz searches for any interesting bugs or items for his own box and finds a pretty piece of quarts. He admires it as Timothy joins him, and tells him about the mineral before placing it into his box. Timothy admires his collection for a moment as Fritz tells him what they are, then he resumes his search after Timothy offers his assistance.

After Timothy finds a rock he has Fritz examine it before he deems it to be good. He shows Timothy the rock book he has and walks off- suddenly spotting a rock that Charles has also found. Both grab for it and they ask Timothy who saw it first; bu after he admits that he couldn't tell he suggests they share it. They agree, but neither are happy and argue over who should get it first. They ask Timothy to decide, but recess is ending, so he decides to tell them by their next break. They agree and everyone heads inside.

During art, Timothy finds himself too distracted to make anything when Charles runs over to show him the rock fort picture he did. He points out the rock and where it will go- and this repeats with Fritz, who runs over to him a moment later. Curious, Yoko asks what happened and why the red rock is so important, leaving Timothy to grow anxious when another recess is called. Outside, he asks the boys to pick which hand he is holding it, deciding that if Charles is right he will get it first, but if not Fritz will get it. Charles is saddened after he picks wrongly, and Fritz happily runs off to admire his rock. Timothy cheers Charles up by reminding him that he will get it soon.

Suddenly, Fritz recalls that he forgot his magnifying glass and sets the rock aside to fetch it. Charles, unaware of this approaches the box to take the rock after thinking it is now his turn, and he heads off to find Timothy to show him the finished rock fort. As Fritz walks by he sees the rock and snatches it back after realizing Charles took it, but when Charles sees that Fritz took it he runs after him and takes it back after Fritz trips over something and drops it.

As Timothy and Yoko play, they are interrupted by the feuding friends. He leaves Yoko to help them and asks what happened to make them begin fighting like this. They bring up how they took the rock from each other under false pretenses of believing it was their turn, causing Timothy to realize it doesn't work. They tell Timothy to decide who will keep it for good this time, but he asks for time to think it over and they take off, telling him to make his decision before they go home.

During dress up the class begins to talk about their theories of who will get the rock. Overhearing them, Timothy begins to feel worse as Mrs. Jenkins reveals that it will be time to go home soon. She then asks Timothy to sharpen some pencils for her- but when he gets distracted she realizes something is bother him. She asks if he is okay and he explains what happened earlier, showing her the rock. He doesn't want to hurt either friend, and asks who she would pick. She admits that she wouldn't know either, and explains how a decision like this could be too difficult to make when it comes to friendship, and she recommends leaving them to decide on their own.

The two approach Timothy to find out what his answer is, and ask after he brings up how he likes both of their ideas. He then takes the rock out and tells them to decide, handing it over and taking off.

Later, everyone admires the Museum the duo came up with. They compliment how nice it looks and notice how they combined Charles building idea with Fritz's collection, and Timothy happily observes his two friends getting along.