Scary Monsters

"Scary Monsters" is the fifthteenth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Henry is washing the bus when he hears a scary roar, much to his amusement.

Inside the classroom, the scary noises are coming from dinosaurs in a slideshow. The students guess (correctly) the dinosaurs (so far, "stegosaurus" and "triceratops" are those types). Timothy asks if they can't go to the museum today, but Mrs. Jenkins, instead of saying a simple "yes" or "no," says that tomorrow will come soon enough. When Nora looks afraid, Timothy asks what she's doing. Nora says she dropped her pencil, so Timothy loans him hers so she won't miss any dinosaurs. Finally, in the slideshow is a velociraptor. Then upon Mrs. Jenkins's request, Charles opens the curtains for the windows.

The children (except Nora) draw (and talk about) their favorite dinosaurs (T-rex for Claude, diplodcous for Timothy, pterodactyl for Lilly, stegosaurus for the Franks, and brachiosaurus for Yoko). Nora has trouble explaining her favorite dinosaur, but recess comes.

To Yoko's amazement, Claude lists lots of dinosaurs. The Franks discover dinosaur tracks, much to everyone's amazement (except Nora's). Nora refuses to follow the tracks at first, but ends up doing so. Those tracks came from a fake footprint Henry is using, and they lead to the bus.

Timothy makes a dinosaur noise and motion and tells Nora to guess who he is, but she refuses and leaves. This is not understood because, as Yoko says, "Nora loves to play games." Charles tries it himself. Timothy guesses he's a triceratops.

Back in class, Fritz digs a fossil inside some kind of block. The Franks act like a dinosaur in their painting, and Mrs. Jenkins pretends to be scared. Lily paints a "pretendosaurus," which has flower petals around its head, and as mentioned as an answer to Nora's question, eats grapefruit. Nora likes it better than real dinosaurs. She painted a cave, a bush, and a tree, but no dinosaurs. Upon being asked this, she says they are hiding, so Lilly pretends one is in the cave, another is in the bush, and one in the tree, and Nora looks at pictures of real dinosaurs to her fear.

Mrs. Jenkins hands permission slips to the children, thanking them for a wonderful day, and Timothy thanks her for the dinosaurs. She tells him he's welcome. On the bus, Lilly tells herself not to lose it. Timothy decides having his mother sign it will be the first thing to do when he gets home. Yoko asks him how many dinosaurs he thinks there'll be there. To Nora's fear, Timothy says there'll be hundreds.

At home, Nora's father signs her permission slip and promises that after their school trip tomorrow, he will take the family to the museum, Jack included. Nora's mother tells her to take a bath and go to bed because of the big day coming.

In the morning, to Nora's chagrin, Jack splashes his cereal. Nora's mother tries to encourage her to try Dino Crunch cereal, but she doesn't want to. Before school, Nora hands her her lunch, which has a special surprise, to her joy.

At lunch, Mrs. Jenkins tells the children to buddy up, and Mrs. Appleberry advises the children to look out for their buddies, her, Mrs. Jenkins, or a security guard if they need help. Timothy offers to be Nora's buddy, much to her approval. Then they get their lunchboxes out. Timothy plans on eating his lunch as fast as possible so he can see the dinosaurs faster. When Nora finds her surprise, to her dismay, it is a jelly sandwich cut out to look like a dinosaur. The others are amazed and offer to trade. Ultimately, Timothy trades his egg salad sandwich. Nora doesn't like egg salad. She only traded it because she dislikes dinosaurs even more. She admits it and that they are big and scary to her.

After lunch, Timothy discusses Nora's fear with Yoko, Charles, Doris, and the Franks. Doris offers the fact that she is afraid of spiders, but Charles says spiders can't hurt anyone (see trivia), and Timothy says dinosaurs can't do it because they died long ago. Yoko shows him dinosaurs in a book.

Once they arrive, everyone gets off the bus but Henry and Nora. Nora expresses her fear, so Timothy, despite loving dinosaurs, decides to stay with Nora. She tells him to go. But he refuses unless she comes. She accepts this on the condition he hold her hand. He promises that. The other children applaud.

In the museum, Timothy decides to introduce her to one called "Megosostrodon," to Nora's initial fear, but when she looks, she finds out that it is really a small dinosaur. She likes that one already. Timothy offers sights of more dinosaurs, and she approves.

That night, she discusses the trip and her favorite being Megosostrodon.


Only in some cases is Charles right about spiders. There are, however, some spiders that can kill, such as the brown recluse and the black widow.