Shy Charles

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October 5, 2000

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"Shy Charles" is the fifth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Charles is very shy, and he struggles to get along with the other children as they try to avoid him or leave him alone, thinking he won't want to play. But Timothy takes it upon himself to help his new friend come out of his shell and helps them learn there is more to him than being shy.


One morning, Charles watches his father fix the toaster. After he finishes, he makes Charles some toast - but before he can eat any of it, his mother calls for him outside of the front door. She mentions a visitor and is alarmed to see a relative has stopped by really quick. He runs to hide behind his mom, which she deems to be very cute while his mom assures him that it's okay.

Later, in the school yard, the children build a pyramid together. They need one more person and Timothy suggests they invite Charles, but they claim he wouldn't join them since he's too shy. Timothy decides to ask anyway and runs off to find Charles building some things with the sand and a bunch of stones. Charles refuses, but Timothy gets distracted watching him play and decides to join him after he lifts some of the stones to make sure the structure he built doesn't fall over.

By now the other children are wondering what is taking them so long and the pyramid they tried to keep up falls over, causing them to laugh. The bell inside suddenly rings and everyone heads back inside. Nora sits down with Timothy in class and asks him why he never came back, but expresses disbelief when he reveals what took him. She explains once again that Charles is too shy to play with others, but they stop when Mrs. Jenkins calls for their attention. She decides to use today to show them how the fire alarm works for the school, and tells them to pull it in case of an emergency.

After she is sure the Children understand how it works, she decides to start the day with a practice emergency drill. After they finish, they move right into their next activity - square dancing. Together the children dance and have a wonderful time, but after Charles is asked to perform his section with Doris, he panics and quickly runs into the nearby cupboard to hide. Doris attempts to yank him out, but when they notice he isn't going to collaborate, Nora offers to be her partner instead. He watches them and slowly comes out of the cupboard while tapping his feet by himself. Later, at home, someone calls to speak to Charles as he plays checkers with his mom. Hearing that it is Timothy, he takes the phone and they make arrangements to play together with their trucks the next day at school.

The next day, they play together until Henry calls for everyone to join him for a game of Soccer. Charles isn't very sure but is convinced by Timothy to at least try. Things seem to go alright - but when Charles is put into the goalie position, he runs off after seeing them all run at him. After the dust and children clear up, Henry curiously wonders where Charles is until someone points out he ran back to where he was playing.

Later, when they play again Timothy attempts to locate Charles. Doris and Nora are unable to understand why he would want to play with him though and say he doesn't enjoy the company of others. But this doesn't stop Timothy and he heads inside, only to locate Henry. He asks if he had seen Charles and he checks the supply closet for a moment, only for them to share a momentary laugh before Timothy resumes searching.

He finds Charles in the classroom, pretending to be an astronaut. He decides to play with him, but after noticing they are missing something he runs off to the supply closet to fetch it, having seen something there they can use. However, the mop Henry leaned up against the wall slips and leans against the door as it falls, accidentally causing the door to shut with Timothy inside of it. Timothy finds this and begins to call for help, only for nobody to hear him or be nearby.

In the classroom, Charles hears Timothy and quickly follows the voice. He tells Timothy to hang out and pulls the alarm to signal an emergency. Mrs. Jenkins calls for all of the children to line up and by the time she notices Timothy and Charles are missing, they are led to the supply closet and Henry frees him. Everyone cheers and Timothy thanks Charles, along with earning a compliment from Mrs. Jenkins. As a reward she gives him a gold medal and makes him the official safety monitor.



  • The sand box is reffered to as a sand pit in this episode.
  • This is one of the episodes that first shows Fritz playing with a girl classmate.
  • As the children practice the emergency drill, mumbled voices can be heard in the background.

Book Differences

  • In the book Charles didn't speak at all, until he called for help.
  • Charles' father is shown to be very hard on Charles and his shyness. During a game of football with the children he ends up insulting him and causes him to cry.


  • At the table Nora and Timothy sit are several items: a pale blue book, a dark teal book, a white pencil, and an orange pencil. After Nora starts to talk, the book changes to dark raspberry, while the other book turns light blue. One pencil is now brown, and the other is fuchsia. These colors remain consistent with the pencils and books on the other desks.
    • As they practice the emergency drill, the books and pencils vanish all together.
  • When Charles leaned on the chair to hand his dad a tool, his tail was shown on the side of the chair. As he sits, it sticks out of the slot behind him.
  • The tiles of the checkerboard change during the scene in Charles' living room and the checkers sit at an odd angle.
  • As the children spin during square dance, Grace can be heard giggling but her mouth movement, with her mouth widely opened.  
  • All of the students were shown running into the soccer net when the dust cloud formed. But after it clears to reveal them piled up, Yoko, Grace, and Claude are standing by Henry instead.
  • As Charles' dad observes the toaster, the tea pot and cup are emerald in color. But in every other shot the tea pot has turned orange, and the cup is light blue.
  • Frank 2 was shown to be behind Timothy during his time dancing with Yoko, but as soon as she returns to her side with Doris, he's shown standing next to her.