Small Change

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October 6, 2000

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Small Change is the sixth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Nora dislikes things that are different and she finds herself unable to accept it when everything begins to change in her daily life. But soon she learns that changes can be fun and interesting.


One morning, Nora has gotten up and sees that her favorite shirt is missing. She yells for her mom to ask if she knows where it is, and she gently chastises her for being so noisy. Nora's father comes into the hallway to show her that he has it in the laundry basket, and explains that because its dirty it has to be cleaned. Nora argues that she does not want to change and that her red shirt is her favorite; but in the end she is forced to wear something else. 

At the breakfast table, her foul mood remains as her mom gives her a plate of waffles. She asks about this and brings up how she always eats her favorite cereal in the morning. Her mom tells Nora to just try them though, because she may enjoy a change. Nora pokes and prods the waffles until she spots her dad carrying a bunch of wallpaper through the hallway. She trails behind him to pick up the rolls he dropped, then finds him with a bunch of items in her bedroom. She attempts to reason with her dad and pleads with him not to change anything, since she likes it this way. He tries to calm her down, saying that she may like the change, and Nora storms off, saying she wont.

Nora angrily yells at her mom before she finishes getting ready, still in a very apparently bitter mood. She stands outside, wearing her rain jacket and asks her mom why things need to change. She explains that change helps people grow, and points out that Nora would probably still be Jack's age if things didn't change. While Nora is still frustrated, she momentarily calms down just as the bus pulls up. As she prepares to get to her favorite seat, she is shocked to find Frank and Frank sitting there instead.

Henry explains they're not feeling well so they have to sit there while heading to School. Frustrated, Nora sits down and starts to glare at them while she chats with Doris; who offers to push her on the swing later. Nora agrees, but only if she pushes her high up. Doris agrees, and soon they arrive. 

After they get to school, Nora sits down on the swings - but to her annoyance, she finds Doris playing with the Franks instead. Doris informs her that she changed her mind, causing Nora to angrily scowl until Charles offers to push her. She agrees, but sadly realizes he isn't very good at it, due to his short height. Soon the school bell rings and everyone runs inside. As Nora pulls off her jacket and hat, she sees Grace hanging her own jacket on one of the cubbies; apparently the one Nora usually likes to use. She claims it is hers, but Grace tells her it isn't. But rather than put up with Nora, Grace finds another spot.

In class, Nora is happy to see that nothing is changed there. She sits down and everyone sings a song before Mrs. Jenkins announces her plans for them to try playing Musical Chairs. In which they run around the tables until the music stops, then they sit down in that spot for a while. Nora is immediately against this, but is forced to play. She attempts to stop at her chair, causing a bit of a wreck with the other students when she suddenly cuts through to get to it. When she spots Claude in her seat she starts to argue with him, but she is forced to sit elsewhere, rather than force him to move.

She sits down with Lily and is quick to complain over the wobbly table they got stuck with. Lily attempts to help her feel better, but initially Nora refuses to cooperate. Then, they begin to cut shapes out of their paper - with Nora making angry crocodiles and Lily showing her a neat technique to make trees. This interests Nora and Lily shows her how to do it. By the time they finish, they are forced to play another round of Musical Chairs, which disappoints Nora since she was having so much fun.

This time she lands by Yoko, and it is now time for Lunch. Nora is disappointed against, since she usually gets to sit with Doris, who has things she ends up liking. Yoko brings out her own lunch and opens it, and Nora spots the folded paper crane resting on it. As Yoko explains her mom tends to surprise her with various things, Nora is saddened to see that her lunch is normal. Yoko, seeing her disappointment offers to give her the paper crane, which Nora accepts. But before they can really eat, recess is called.

Nora runs out into the hallway, only to get into a shouting match with the Franks. At first she seems angry, but ends up having fun until Mrs. Jenkins asks them to go outside, since they are being so loud. Outside, they offer to push Nora, then she joins Lily on something else while the Franks spin them around.

Eventually the school day comes to an end. Nora asks Mrs. Jenkins if they can play Musical Chairs again, but she suggests they try something new the next day, which Nora agrees to before she says goodbye and gets on the bus. Henry reveals he saved her seat for her, but Nora turns it down to sit with Lily.

Once she gets home, Nora tells her mom about the Yakkitori that Yoko brought in, along with the paper crane. Nora's mom seems happy for her, and Nora asks if her mom could try to make her some of that the next day. It's then her dad reveals he finished with her room and excitedly, Nora runs up to her bedroom; only to find out they didn't do anything different. She is disappointed and asks why they didn't change anything, leaving them confused.



  • This is technically the only episode in which Nora doesn't wear her purple dress like she always does. However, it appears she is wearing it under her shirt.
  • On Qubo, the following scenes were edited out or shortened:
    • Nora's mom is shown picking up the spoon Jack is playing with after he tosses it onto the floor.
    • Nora yells for her mom twice. On Qubo it was cut down to once.
    • A close-up of Nora's angry face was removed.
    • After Nora storms out of her room, Jack pours cereal out from the box and starts to cry while Nora yells for her mom twice. Then she makes an angry sound and storms off with her mom following her.
    • As Nora hangs up her coat, the hook it was on spins loose and it falls off. Henry comes by to comment on this and she angrily growls.

Book Differences

  • Nora is shown actively annoying her parents with her behavior. In the cartoon they are shown to be more patient with her.


  • After tossing his spoon onto the floor, Jack's arm clips through the side of the table on his chair.
  • Nora claims that she always wears the red shirt, however she was never shown wearing it in the cartoon at any point.
  • The stuffed bear Nora owns changes in size between shots. At one point it was hand-held, but at another it's so big that she has to drag it around.
  • Jack's buttons are white, but when he spills the cereal on him and gets picked up, they turn blue.
  • When Nora first saw Lilly, she had three papers. Then as she goes to sit with her she has two, then three again. But before Lilly reveals her tree, there are only two sheets of green paper. After she sets it down, the papers vanish before they are replaced by multiple pieces rolled up, and one flat.
  • The seat Nora sits at is occupied by the Franks, but as the bus is show to pull up, the shadow resembles a raccoon like Timothy or Claude, not a dog.
  • When Nora sees the paper crane in Yoko's lunch, Yoko has three yakitori. But before and after this, she is only shown to have two.
  • When Nora is on the swing being pushed by the Franks, her jacket only has two straps. But in most scenes it has three.