"Taking the Plunge" is episode 21. It first aired on November 4, 2000.

Taking The Plunge


After Timothy notices the inconsistencies with Claude's excuses, Claude reveals he is unable to swim. So Timothy tries to help him.


The bus pulls up to Timothy's house. He is shown dressed in swimming attire as his mother joins him to remind him of his lunch. He says goodbye and steps onto the bus as his dad reminds him to wear sunscreen.

At school, Mrs. Jenkins reminds the children that because it's summer, and a monday, they will be going to the pool to swim. She points out that they will be joined by Miss Appleberry to watch over them, and Timothy notices that Claude isn't changed like the rest of them. He asks if he is okay, and Claude claims to be sick, so he can't.

As they arrive they head ot the pool and start to play. Timothy shows Yoko some tricks he learned, while Frank and Frank ride on the water slide, Doris helps Nora blow of upe her floaties, Frank pretends to be a shark and scares Nora, Fritz observes little creatures he finds in the water, and Charles observes the clouds above them with Timothy. As everyone is having fun, Claude accidentally gets splashed with water and soon it is time to go, with everyone getting out as Mrs. Jenkins reminds them to dry their ears before they head off to grab some ice cream.

The next week when they go swimming, Claude claims he has a sunburn, then the next week he lies by saying something is in his ear and the water could get it infected. Yoko comments to Timothy that Claude may not like to swim - but Timothy finds this hard to believe due to how talented Claude is.

As they play in the park, Timothy approaches Claude to ask him why he doesn't want to swim. Claude is quick to say he can't due to his allergies, but Timothy points out that Claude claimed earlier that he had something in his ear. Claude tries to say it is a cold, but Timothy changes the subject by bluntly asking him if he even likes to swim. Claude, seeing no other option reveals to Timothy that he is unable to swim. This surprises Timothy, but he offers to teach Claude how to swim and he agrees, although he asks that he doesn't tell anyone.

They head into the school a bit later and Mrs. Jenkins asks everyone to draw a picture of their upcoming summer plans. The Franks will be working with their dad, Doris and her family are going camping, Lily is getting a library card, Yoko plans to tend to the garden, and Mrs. Jenkins reveals her plans to go hiking. Everyone starts to draw as Yoko questions what Timothy was speaking to Claude about earlier on. Timothy is hesitant, but quickly claims it to be a secret.

Later, Timothy's dad fills the pool while expressing how happy he is with him. Claude refuses to get in once he arrives, but eventually he is forced into it. He continues to refuse to actually try though, until Timothy spots Doris and her mom walking by. In a panic, Claude quickly dives into the water and covers his head until they pass.

The next day, Mrs. Jenkins hangs up everyone's pictures. Yoko comments on Claude's picture of him trying to swim, but as Timothy make a comment, she expresses confusion.

With that, Timothy and his dad continue to practice and train with Claude as the time passes; even splashing Timothy's dad in the process.

Eventually another Monday approaches. Claude is ready to swim and as they are in the pool, Timothy watches him jump into the pool and join them. Claude is glad to see that he can swim, stating that it isn't a surprise since he's so talented. Yoko questions the trick, comparing it to the trick Timothy does, then she compliments whoever Claude's teacher is. As gratitude for the help, Claude allows Timothy to use his towel.



  • Starting with this episode, Claude acts nicer to Timothy.


  • The designs of the various items on the inflateable pool changes between shots.
    • As do the sizes of the flowers and plants on the corner of Timothy's home, where they are shown practicing.