Team Project

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October 20, 2000

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The Music Tree

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Cherry Blossom

Team Project is the Twelth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Impressed by Claude's idea for the team project, Timothy chooses him over Yoko. But after Claude refuses to let him do anything, Timothy learns that chasing after a prize isn't worth it if he is unable to contribute or have fun.




  • One of the books written is similiar to this episode, but in it, Claude and Timothy were working together for a bake sale. Claude refused to let Timothy help, but unlike the episode, Claude messes up and Timothy points out that it was because they didn't work together.
  • On Qubo, the latter half of the episode is screwed up. In which the scene is delayed while the dialogue isn't, causing the movements to become out of synch for the rest of the episode.
    • This is most-likely due to scene editing for this episode.
  • Shortened or removed scenes from the Qubo version:


The part where Timothy and Claude get the silver star, Claude's shirt is blue, instead of green.


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