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October 20, 2000

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Team Project is the Twelth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Impressed by Claude's idea for the team project, Timothy chooses him over Yoko. But after Claude refuses to let him do anything, Timothy learns that chasing after a prize isn't worth it if he is unable to contribute or have fun.


One bright, sunny day, everyone is in class working on various creative projects. Mrs. Jenkins observes their various works and compliments everyone, handing over a silver star for their efforts. She tells them to put them up on the well done wall, and asks them to tell the other students what they made. Then she announces that they will form teams after Recess and do another project- but besides the normal silver stars, one team will win a special prize too.

As everyone is out playing leap frog, Timothy notices Claude isn't playing with them and sees the rocket ship book he is holding. Timothy gets closer for a look when Claude informs him that he is planning on building one for the project.

With that everyone returns inside to choose their partners: Lily chooses Charles, Nora goes with Fritz, the Franks pick each other, and Timothy chooses Claude- much to Yoko's surprise. He gets up to join him, leaving Yoko disappointed as Doris chooses Grace and takes off. When Mrs. Jenkins sees what happened with Yoko, she recommends she joins Lily and Charles. She and Timothy exchange glances, but they say nothing as she leaves to head over to their table. As Timothy begins to speak with Claude, he begins to feel bored after he informs Timothy that they will be making a space ship, but otherwise says nothing.

Later, Claude is preparing the finishing touches of the project as he asks Timothy to handle clean up. Despite Timothy's attempts to help, he finds himself feeling un-needed, with Claude revealing that he's finished doing various things. He goes on to say that he's finished for now as he ran out of glue, and he asks Timothy to come back later. Timothy brings up that he has glue and he rushes right home to fetch it, then returns to Claude's; but to his disappointment, he finds out that he already got more and finished.

The next morning, Timothy is depressed and doesn't feel like eating. He explains to his mom how Claude didn't let him do anything, and he doesn't even care if they win now since he didn't get to do anything. At school everyone looks over their various projects, but Claude's and Timothy's gains the most attention. Mrs. Jenkins asks if they had fun and everyone -except Timothy- agree. She goes on to reveal that they have all won a silver star, then she goes on to take out the special prize: a larger silver star. Everyone is amazed by this and they applaud the duo as Claude accepts the star.

Afterwards Timothy is shown observing the star as Yoko joins him and Claude chats with everyone else. Timothy is still in a bad mood, and he explains how boring he project was since he didn't get to do anything, but after mentioning that he has slurpy-stars glue, Yoko happily mentions having some too, and reveals the bag of pipe cleaners she brought with her for the day. Excitedly, they begin to put something together and share a laugh.



  • One of the books written is similiar to this episode, but in it, Claude and Timothy were working together for a bake sale. Claude refused to let Timothy help, but unlike the episode, Claude messes up and Timothy points out that it was because they didn't work together.
  • On Qubo, the latter half of the episode is out of sync. This causes the scene to be delayed and not match the lip synching.
    • This is most-likely due to editing or removing a scene and failing to adjust the change.
  • Shortened or removed scenes from the Qubo version:


  • At one instance when Timothy and Claude get a silver star and everyone applauds them, Claude's shirt turns blue.
  • When Claude has his arms crossed and an up-close shot of Timothy is shown, Claude's fingers are brown like his fur, not dark brown.