The Gift

"The Gift" is the forty-second episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Nora attempts to get a gift for Yoko for her birthday.


At Yoko's house, she has made birthday invitations to blow up some balloons. She asks her mother for help with certain things, such as the cake (but it's too soon because the party is on Saturday), the games, and party hats. Her mother promises to help with everything and tells her to blow up the balloons. As they both do so, Yoko's mother accidentally lets hers go, much to Yoko's amusement.

Later, at school, Nora and Doris (on swings) discuss what to get as a gift. Neither one has any idea. Lilly and Timothy know Yoko likes music, and Timothy plans on getting a music box. Claude plans on getting paper for origami. Grace plans on getting jewelry from the gift gallery. Nora plans on doing the same thing. Yoko comes, and they hide the idea, but Lilly says they're talking about her birthday, due to her forgetful nature.

Nora goes shopping with her mother and Jack. Nora asks to pick out something from the gift gallery, but her mother says they can't afford to do so because they have to get her a new soccer uniform and a wheel for her bicycle, Jack (who gets down a box of cookies) needs a new stroller, and because they are going grocery-shopping. Jack eats the cookies straight from the box. Meanwhile, Nora's mother suggests making something for Yoko instead of buying any gifts. Nora doubts her ability. Her mother asks to get Stick-Licky-Thunder-Chips cereal (which she knows Nora likes), but she finds something attractive: boxes of her least favorite cereal: Weeds & Seeds "having dance slippers inside." She persuades her mother to get them. Her mother gives in, but tells her to eat them.

Nora does keep eating when her mother comes out with a box of decorations, such as ribbons. As Nora finishes it off, instead of finding a pair of dance slippers big enough for Yoko's feet, she finds a single slipper that is way too small. Nora's mother gives her a little box and says she can wrap the slipper up. Nora decides to turn the slipper into a necklace with a green ribbon that matches the slipper, wrap it in gold paper, and put flowers from the garden under the ribbon (this was her mother's suggestion).

At school during recess, Doris and Lilly express their excitement for the party. Doris reveals she got a craft kit, and Grace got an expensive diamond tiara. They ask Nora what she got, but she can't tell them. And recess ends, and Nora never tells them.

When Nora's mother gets a party dress, Nora expresses her lack of desire to go to the party. Her mother tells her what good things will be there, but Nora still doesn't want to go because she thinks the gift will disappoint Yoko. Her mother assures her she will love Nora's gift.

At the party, Fritz has given her a box of jellybeans and a glow-in-the-dark toothbrush, which he had tried (to the disgust of the other kids, including Yoko, because they thought it meant he put it in his mouth, but really, he meant to see if it really glowed, much to their understanding). Timothy's gift was, as mentioned before, a music box. Its figure is a ballet-dancing cat. The Franks' gift (which they fight over as to who should give it to her, until they both decide to do so) is hopping frogs (with wind-up keys). Grace gives her her gift, much to Yoko's amazement. However, upon Fritz's asking, Grace reveals the diamonds aren't quite real... almost, actually. Nora tries to hide her gift. Yoko's mother offers cake. As the other kids leave, Charles reveals Nora has a gift, much to her fear. Yoko is amazed to get it. She knows where it was from, as she was trying to get a second slipper by eating many boxes of the same cereal in order to match the one on her Matsuko doll. Yoko puts the doll (still with the string) on the doll's foot. After thanking Nora, she takes the same slipper off and wears it as a necklace, and they both go get some cake.