The Great Obstacle Race

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October 6, 2000

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"The Great Obstacle Race" is the fourth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


The children partake in a day of Obstacle Courses and have a lot of fun. But Claude and Grace are so focused on winning everything that they get really competitive and isolate themselves from the others.


Timothy's mom comes into his bedroom to get her son up. She watches as he hops out of bed and starts to play around, causing her to express confusion and ask what he is doing. Timothy excitedly explains to his mom the big day he has before him, along with the fact that the winner will get a big gold medal. He is very eager to try to get one, and finishes to run outside as the bus pulls up. She reminds him that he forgot his lunch, then explains that she decided to make him peanut butter and jelly, teasing him by saying jelly is really good for jumping. Timothy thanks her and gets onto the bus.

After arriving to school, Mrs. Jenkins welcomes everyone to their Picnic Day and points out that Miss Appleberry is there to lend a hand. Before they begin, she reminds everyone to try their hardest, but she also tells them to just focus on having fun today. They get into the first event, a two-person balloon race. They are instructed to hold the balloon using only their heads between the two of them and partner up, but when Doris sadly realizes nobody is left for her to team up with, Mrs. Jenkins decides to be her partner for the day.

The race starts with Timothy and Yoko getting the lead until their balloon slips between them and floats away, causing them to chase after it. The Franks catch up until their balloon pops, and while they stand by to watch, Lily and Fritz lose their balloon; which ends up beneath Lily's skirt. Eventually, Claude and Grace win, followed by Mrs. Jenkins and Doris, and Nora and Charles. Claude and Grace watch as the rest of them cheer - but they don't understand why they are so happy when they didn't win.

For the wheelbarrow race, Mrs. Jenkins explains that they must make it to the finish line without falling over. The Franks get an early lead, followed by the rest of the teams. Claude and Grace win again, but Lily and Fritz, The Franks, and Timothy and Yoko have all fallen over.

With that, Mrs. Jenkins reveals to the children that they will no longer be able to go through with the egg and spoon race, due to a misunderstanding with the Franks, as they are racing to see how many (raw) eggs they can eat. This causes Nora to angrily chastise the brothers, but Mrs. Jenkins assures her there is still a lot to enjoy. With that they line up for the three-legged race and start. Claude and Grace win this event, followed by Nora and Charles, and the Franks. Then lastly, Fritz and Lily, Yoko and Timothy, and Mrs. Jenkins and Doris.

She decides now would be a good time to break for Lunch, so everyone sits down to eat. Timothy offers some of his sandwich to the rest of his friends, telling them how good jelly is for jumping. Most of them accept the offer, except for Claude and Grace. They all chat about how much fun they had and laugh over the events, although, when Claude and Grace brag about winning first, nobody pays them any mind. 

After they finish eating they move onto the final event: a big obstacle course. Mrs. Jenkins tells everyone that they have to try every obstacle in order to complete the obstacle course and get to the goal. The children, now separated and not on team, begin; first by crossing a thin log, then jumping over a small mud puddle by swinging from a rope, following by a huge muddy puddle that neither Grace or Claude wish to get in. After everyone starts to pass them, Claude grabs Grace's hand and forces her to hurry up and get around it, now that they have mud on them, and they join everyone else at the end, by the goal.

However, Miss Appleberry is unable to determine who actually placed first, as they are all coated with mud - so Mrs. Jenkins decides to present everyone with a gold medal, causing them to cheer as the mud drips off of them.


  • Nora: You ate my favourite race!


  • Grace: Is this real gold?


  • Timothy: I think that jelly really helped my jumping.



  • From their shapes, the winner of the Obstacle Race was either Charles or Nora, followed by Yoko, Lilly, and either Timothy or Frtiz.
  • On Qubo, the following scenes were edited out/modified/shortened:
    • Nora yelling at the Franks for ruining her favorite race. On Qubo, she is only shown approaching them as they apologize.
    • A few seconds of Timothy sleeping in bed.
    • The scene of Timothy tumbling around his room.
    • The children are shown cheering as Mrs. Jenkins reveals she has an announcement.
    • The scene with Doris trying to find a partner is removed.
    • After Mrs. Jenkins gives the children their medals they are shown commenting about them or observing them. The comments were removed, as were a few of them admiring the medal.


  • When Grace jumps over the log she has Yoko's voice clip of her giggling. 
  • When the students arrive, Miss Appleberry was shown with Mrs. Jenkins, but when she blows her whistle she isn't there until the next shot.
  • As Mrs. Jenkins and Doris finish the three-legged race, Doris' feet are dark colored.
  • The Franks were shown with the remnants of the eggs surrounding them. Five eggs are shown intact and could have been used.
    • However, there are six teams, which is probably why they skipped it.