Voiced By

Austin Di Iulio




Yoko, Fritz, Nora, Doris, Charles, Lilly, Frank and Frank, Mrs. Jenkins, Claude (later episodes), Henry, Ms. Appleberry, Juanita


Claude (the first couple of episodes)

Behavioral alignment


Timothy is the main character of Timothy Goes To School


Physical Appearance

Timothy is a young brown raccoon with a dark brown "mask" over his black eyes, as well as dark brown paws, and feet. He has a black nose and light pink inner-ear.


Like any young child, Timothy is full of curiousity and innocene. He is warm-hearted and very kind to others. He works well with them, even if he may not agree with someone at times. His kindness causes him to struggle when it comes to being honest however, as he doesn't want to hurt others. He wishes to be seen as mature, and rarely ever teases others. He is very sympathetic and gentle, but he sometimes finds himself unable to resist his personal desires, rather than doing what is best.


Normally Timothy wears a blue and white striped shirt. For bed he wears a red and white buttoned shirt.



One of Timothy's best friends in the series. They may have a small crush on each other, due to their young ages and highly respect one-another. They're both friendly and kind to others.


Timothy was one of the first students to befriend Charles and help him open up. They often play together.


Besides Yoko and Charles, Timothy is close with Fritz due to their shared interest and hobbies. They often hang out together.


Timothy and Claude don't get along in the books. But in the series he and Claude befriend each other after Timothy is able to get on his good side by secretly helping him learn how to swim in Taking the Plunge

Mrs. Jenkins

Timothy is very helpful towards his Teacher and class. He is one of the students to have a closer relationship with her.

Parents and other Adults

Timothy loves his family very much and admires his mother and father. To other parents and adults he is respectful and polite.


  • He loves using Slurpy Stars glue.
  • For lunch Timothy likes peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
  • Things Timothy does not like include raisins and egg salad.
  • Timothy's voice actor also portrayed the lead character in the English version of Pecola. Ironically, both Pecola and Timothy wear blue and white striped shirts.
    • Also note that Timothy's favorite stuffed animal is Pecola's species: a penguin.
    • Both Timothy Goes to School and Pecola were animated by Nelvana; although the two shows are not even close to identical in art style, let alone any form, the differences above still stick.
  • In one of the books, Timothy was shown with a mischevious personality.
  • In France, Timothy's name is spelled Timothée