"Yoko" is the second episode of Timothy Goes to School.


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September 15, 2000 (Canada)
September 30, 2000 (United States)

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Yoko feels left out after the other students begin to make fun of her Asian meals. In hopes of allowing them to learn to appreciate other cultures, Mrs. Jenkins comes up with a plan.


Yoko awakens for another exciting day at school. Delighted she gets changed and grabs her items, then runs outside as the bus arrives. Her mother hands her lunch before they exchange farewells and she steps onto the bus, greeting Henry before she heads back to sit with Timothy.

Upon arrival, everyone runs by Mrs. Jenkins and greets her. They head inside and begin the day, playing dress up, then having quiet time by resting or reading a book. As afternoon arrives, Mrs. Jenkins tells everyone that it is now time for Lunch - much to their excitement. They grab their food containers and items and sit back down, with everyone starting to trade with each other for their items; such as Fritz sharing half of his sandwich with Lily, as she can't find her lunch, or Claude trading Nora, then Timothy for their sandwiches.

While watching the others start to eat, Yoko is unable to understand why nobody wanted to trade anything for what she had. Timothy observes the strange, Asian foods within her lunch box and comments that while she favors them - nobody else does. She still doesn't understand, since the food is really good. It's then the others hear their conversation and begin to tease her, acting with disgust (because there is raw fish and seaweed in them) before asking her why she can't just have something normal, like they do.

As everyone is finishing, Mrs. Jenkins calls recess and the children run outside. However, she stops upon hearing someone crying and looks to find that it is Yoko, sitting by herself. She questions what the problem is and Yoko explains what had happened, then claims that everyone thinks she is weird. In hopes of cheering her up, Mrs. Jenkins asks to see what Yoko has before offering to eat lunch with her, since she waits until then to eat anyway. Yoko accepts the offer and joins her at the desk. 

Later, snack time approaches. Yoko feels better and opens her container of ice cream; but as Doris spots how unusual it looks she questions it. Yoko informs her that it is made of red beans, and while everyone likes ice cream, Doris is unimpressed and refuses to give it much thought. This leaves Yoko feeling down until the day comes to an end, when she watches as everyone gets a letter from Mrs. Jenkins, herself included. Before she leaves, she is assured that this will most likely fix everything.

At home, while folding origami paper, Yoko is told by her mother that there will be a special International Food Day at school. Everyone is asked to bring in a food from a different culture and try everything. Yoko suggests they do something normal, like cheeseburgers, but her mother is sure that everyone will like the Deluxe Sushi she plans for them to make. Yoko is concerned, but decides not to say anything more about it.

The following day, Mrs. Jenkins allows the students to set up and reminds them to try everything before she has them start. Timothy, who has brought Caribbean coconut crisps, joins Yoko to ask what she brought, but he is instantly repelled by the sushi she shows him and runs off to try the enchiladas Charles brought. But before he tries it, he is quickly swayed by the Nigerian nut soup Grace made, then by Fritz's spaghetti, Doris's Irish stew, Claude's mango smoothies, the Franks' Boston baked beans (which they have eaten all up), and Nora's potato knishes.

However, by the time he settles on this, the food has already been eaten and Mrs. Jenkins starts to clean up. Timothy approaches Yoko to ask her how she liked International Food Day, and with disappointment she reveals that nobody tried anything of hers, and annoyed by the turn about, Timothy explains that he wasn't able to even try anything and is pretty hungry now. Recess is called and everyone heads outside, except for Yoko and Timothy. Mrs. Jenkins encourages her to go and play with the others, but she isn't in the mood to and starts to head out.

She goes to sit down and mope, but stops upon hearing a sound. She finds Timothy attempting to use the chopsticks inside of her sushi box and he explains that since he was hungry; he'd eat anything. Yoko shows Timothy how to use the chopsticks and watches as he tries a piece of the sushi (with his fingers, however). She is happy when he likes the taste of it and they begin to eat while Mrs. Jenkins watches them with approval - happy that everything worked out in the end.


  • Doris: Why can't your mother make you something normal?



  • The red beans Yoko mentions are called Adzuki. In Japan they are used in sweets and desserts.
  • The scene of Claude and the Franks wearing dress-up hats is a lot like the scene from the first episode. While Frank 1 wore the same hat, Frank 2 did not.
  • The known foods everyone brought in includes:
    • Timothy - Caribbean coconut crisps
    • Yoko - Deluxe sushi
    • Franks - Boston baked beans
    • Fritz - Spaghetti
    • Charles - Enchiladas
    • Grace - Nigerian nut soup
    • Doris - Irish stew
    • Claude - Mango smoothies
    • Nora - Potato knishes
    • Lily - Quiche
  • On Qubo, the following scenes were edited out or shortened:
    • Timothy observes Doris's stew, then looks through the steam rising from it to see Claude serving drinks.
    • After the Franks eat their food, Timothy spots a single knish on the plate, as does Nora. But he gets distracted by Mrs. Jenkins and turns to see that Charles has picked it up. He chases after him, then stops upon seeing Yoko.
    • When Mrs. Jenkins apologizes to Yoko upon noticing nobody tried her sushi, she suggests that she goes out to play ball with them while she cleans up. Yoko refuses and walks away. On Quobo the scene is shortened to her apologizing and saying she will be cleaning as Yoko walks away.

Book Differences

  • Timothy gives Yoko some Coconut Crisps at one point and she compares it to candy she likes.
  • In the original book, Yoko's mother asked her what she wanted for lunch and she is shown making the sushi.


  • As Mrs. Jenkins asks to see what Yoko has for lunch, the rainbow in the picture behind them changes color before she walks back to her desk.
  • During the event at school, there appears to be two pots of baked beans at the table near each other. However, the Franks were only shown with one when Timothy approaches them.
    • It is possible that someone else had brought something in a pot though.
  • The design on Yoko's blanket doesn't stay consistent during the beginning scene. 
  • In the first episode, Timothy boards the bus after Yoko, but in this episode he was already on it when she was boarding the bus.
  • During the nap scene, Charles' and Nora's whiskers were missing.
  • When Yoko was on the floor the first time, her tail wasn't visible.
    • Towards the end of the episode when it is, she shifts movement and it sticks out from the side, when it should be sticking out from her skirt.
  • The sandwich Claude got from Nora was peanut butter and honey. But when looking at the sandwich it looks like brown lettuce is on it.
  • Although the letter said "everyone must try everything", that didn't actually happen. Nobody except for Timothy tried Yoko's food, and Timothy was unable to try anything else because it got eaten by the time he finally made up his mind.
  • The origami swan Yoko made vanishes after she suggests they make cheeseburgers.
  • Lily took an enchilada near the bottom. But as Timothy lines up to try one, none are shown missing.
  • As Nora and Timothy watch Charles walk away with the knish, Nora is missing her whiskers.
  • Next to the knish plate was two glasses of drink and a fork. As Timothy runs up to the plate, the fork is missing and the glass has changed places.