"You're Invited" is the twenty-eighth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Doris and her three big brothers are sitting down to breakfast. First, when it comes to toast, Horace helps himself to raspberry jam to put on his toast, and Morris helps himself to honey to put on his. Then, with a box of crunchy puffs cereal, Horace won't let Doris have any. He pours himself a bowl, and asks Morris and Boris if their crunchy puff flier, which they'd ordered weeks ago, will come in the mail. Doris demands the crunchy puffs, but Morris, being the oldest, insists on being first. Then Boris takes over because, "B for Boris goes before D for Doris." This increases Doris's irritation. Then the boys hear the mail carrier coming, and rushing over, they end up scaring him away. They fight over whose turn it is to get the mail, but when Boris looks, there is no crunchy puff flier. They despair over it "never going to get here." Horace demands to know what about the mail. To his dismay, they tell him to get it. However, they leave one part: a party invitation.

Meanwhile, while Timothy is eating a bowl of cereal, his father brings in a piece of mail for him. It turns out to be a spring party invitation from Lilly. Timothy asks for permission to go, and it is granted.

At school during recess, Timothy and Yoko thank Lilly. She tells them they're welcome, and that she invited all of her friends.

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You're Invited